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I haven't seen too much of this guy lately. We are adjusting to his new schedule, and that means I'm adjusting to waking up way too early. I think it's messing with my whole sleep cycle because I have had the strangest most vivid dreams. About once a month I usually end up standing on the bed reaching for the chandelier or trying to crawl up the tree in our bedroom corner. Usually it involves me finding a lost baby, or saving a baby from falling out of the chandelier, there's always a baby involved. But this week I've been doing crazy stuff every single night. It's exhausting. Aaron usually finds me and wakes me up and walks me back to bed. But this week, I think he's given up. I had dreams of setting off explosives, working as a terrorist agent, breaking up prostitution rings. And I wake up with the scrapes and bruises to prove it. All this tells me I just need more sleep, ha, you like how I made that unqualified conclusion?

The photo above is our attempt at a day date this week. Are we the only people that go see the movies nominated for Oscars after the awards are handed out? I'll take it though, even if it means he's on his phone right up until the lights go out and he leaves 2-3 times to answer emergencies. Because in between those moments we held hands and put up the arm rest between our two chairs, and we pretended that it was a Saturday night. 

Now for some interesting reads...

Sometimes I feel like this mother.

This is a beautiful, and such needed cause

All you mamas with little ones, these are so great for motor skills. We loved lacing cards when the kids were little, and these are free!

Inside a house that I drive by when I go to my parents house. Pretty fun to see what's beyond the concrete walls of the rectangle. 

We are going on a road trip for the rest of this week, so I probably won't be back until our next 52 Weeks Family Project. Until then, you can keep tabs on us here