Monday Links

A Monday link up because I never posted one on Friday. And it's not for lack of things to share, it's just Friday and the rest of the weekend ended up flying by me.

The photo above was taken not this past weekend but the one before. Aaron and I snuck off for a date to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. It's something else being able to skip the babysitter now that the kids are old enough to not kill each other! We dined on lobster, salmon, john dory and steak. It was a little celebration because the next day Aaron was starting a new job and we both expected not to see each other all that much. Jury is still out on the new job. I don't like change. I hate it. I work against it pretty forcefully to be honest. But this change still happened, so I'm trying to be supportive. And I do admit it's nice not to worry about your husband losing a limb every day at work, or worse yet, death. There have been some terrible accidents lately in his profession. I also admit that I won't miss those middle of the night calls where I am up until 3 or 4 am checking his side of the bed to make sure he got home ok. The kids used an app to locate us halfway through our meal and I started to receive texts from all three of them simultaneously asking if we were sure we would be home before bed. And that it was just dinner, RIGHT?! I think when they saw us at a hotel they got a tad nervous lol. 

Back to some interesting links I enjoyed recently...

This music video, (be sure to watch the whole thing), I just have to say wow, what talented kids!

Roald Dahl wrote this in 1988, but it's pretty relevant today. With all the back and forth I see about Measles, I think it's good to think about people who have been through these diseases firsthand. I am not some crazy pro vaccination person, in fact I spread out my kids vaccines when they were little before that was even a thing to do! However, when it comes to things like the MMR, I'm pretty black and white. Educate yourself. Don't make a decision out of fear. I don't vaccinate my children because I think they can't "handle" an illness, or because I fear them contracting it. Not at all. I vaccinate them for all the people they encounter every day who may not be well enough to receive their own vaccinations, like this little boy. I am waiting on my titer blood results to see if I need a booster myself. 

I got this finally in the mail, and wow, amazing. All organic ingredients, no GMOs, essential oils like Vetiver, I love it! I will definitely be trying more from this brand soon. 

I wrote an acne article on Hello Natural if you'd like to read some at-home tips. 

I loved reading about this Finnish tradition! I can only imagine how special my three boxes would have been. Excited to see the patterns and colors chosen for those years. 

How's your 100 Donation Item Challenge going? I can't wait to start my February list, tupperware is going to the top of that list! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and your Monday is a beautiful one! xo