2015 Family Week 5/52

Week 5 in the 52 Family Week Project - if you'd like details on playing along, click here

Do you think they're getting into the weekly photo project?! I think they are! This week has brought lots of changes for us, and one is that I have to wake up so much earlier during the week. Aaron started a new job that I will try to share more about tomorrow. I'm getting used to having everyone out the door with enough time to take all the kids to school before their bells ring. We had to change around the route and order of who gets dropped off first since it involved one tardy lesson this week, but we're getting better and now we've got it down. But if there's an accident or unexpected traffic we may be in trouble. That being said, these four right here let this mama sleep indulgently late this weekend and when they woke me up they had latte in hand and my camera. They knew we had to take this week's photo and all climbed in bed with my morning breath and night guard still intact. Since we are all adjusting to our new normal we enjoyed this weekend an extra amount. We took the kids to Benihana for their first time Friday night, it was hilarious and I couldn't tell who enjoyed it more, Aaron or the kids. Followed by a day at Disneyland while Aaron had a long day of congregational stuff to attend to. And today we had our own little Superbowl party with Superbowl-esque foods and drinks that the kids help make. Greta only would come down to watch the commercials so it was pretty funny to hear Sawyer yell up to her at each break and have her scurry down the stairs from her High School Musical movie to watch them. xo