2015 Family Week 49/52

Week 49 in the 52 Weeks Family Project

Taco Tuesday. Just 3 weeks left in this series! I promise I wasn't angry during dinner, just listening intently to school happenings of the day. The past week has been busy. I officially have a 14 year old! I go back and forth on doing a 14 year post to Gunnar, but then I think I might need to just share it with him and not the world. Sawyer had a Quiz Bowl tournament and it was so exciting, much more than I anticipated. I was on the edge of my seat the whole day. He had 8 matches. The boy was exhausted by the end of the day. Every time he would buzz that buzzer and get it right, he would look back and smile at me. Cutest thing ever. Gunnar and Greta had a fun Disneyland visit with friends. Aaron and I enjoyed a dinner party date where we ate way too many crab legs, and we also managed to fit in a movie date.