2015 Family Week 52/52

Week 52 in the 52 Weeks Family Project

We made it! An entire year of weekly photos, and I didn't skip or cheat one time! The past few days were spent on the beautiful California coast, I can't wait to share more photos. Aaron and the kids enjoyed their first ever visit to San Francisco and boy did we blitz that town. I had a list a mile long of things to show them and we almost made it to through all. But we did have to save a few for next time. My parents joined us and I think we exhausted them haha, they might need a vacation post vacation now. It was go go go, I even set my alarm every day to make sure we started the day bright and early. My mom probably could've skipped my morning wake up texts :) I'll share more of where we stayed and what we saw as soon as I finish loading all the photos. It's been a beautiful year and these 52 photos are a treasure for me to look back on.