My Exercise Essentials

You don't exercise? That's ok, I didn't workout until my baby started preschool. But for the past 7 years or so I've tried to be fairly regular with 2x/week workouts. More than that and I feel guilty about it, so my compromise to myself is twice. I did pilates for years and then the past few years I have enjoyed barre classes. All types, Bar Method, Pure Barre, but my favorite and the class I do twice a week currently is Pop Physique. Aaron is a member of a fancy gym that I always tease him about but I have to admit when he comes home he's relaxed and smells like lavender. There's something to say about saunas and Kiehls products in the shower. 

When we were on vacation last week, Aaron and I took a class together at the resort's studio. I was reminded how much I love working out with him, and am bummed we don't do it very often at all. A few weeks ago I took him to my barre class and that was probably the first time in years we've done anything together if you don't count our vacation attempts. The class this past week ended up being just Aaron and I, so it felt like a little private training session with the instructor. It was a Bootcamp, circuit work type class, 8 stations that you rotate through, 1 minute at each station, one minute of rest after all 8 stations and 3 full rotations through everything. It was intense and I couldn't walk comfortably for a few days after. It also felt good to do something different than what my body is used to. I think I'm going to incorporate a few of the routines into my own workouts just to keep my body feeling challenged. 

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my essentials for exercise:

I absolutely love my Saucony sneakers, pronounced sok-a-nee with a really really gentle a in between, almost unrecognizable. Greta has a pair too and wears them to school every single day. Awesome quality. Heads up, I size up to a 7.5 even though I wear a 7 in most shoes.

When I can't get to my class, I have this yoga mat at home and I do a barre video in my living room. Not very thrilling, but can't do it without my lovely mat, it saves my knees and joints big time. 

We are big fans of the Camelbak water bottles in this house, particularly this style. I take one with me to every class.

I'm not a big fan of the toeless socks, instead I like gripper type ones, they keep me from sliding all over when I do planks. 

These flex bands work double duty, they can be used for stretching or you can exercise with them, I have a pair and love mine. 

And those are some of my must haves to enjoy a good workout. I also love a good epsom salt bath at the end of one of my exercise days, I am still using this DIY recipe, it's lasted me so long and it's fantastic.