Friday Link Love

It's been such a long time since I've blogged a link love post just for fun. And although I should be folding laundry or sweeping my kitchen, the cell phone billing department has me on a lengthy hold so I decided blogging would have to win. 

The photo above was from an anniversary party we hosted. I have more photos of the decor and table settings, but for now you get a peek of the eucalyptus centerpieces we used which I just loved. Oh, you agree that you messed up our bill and will be crediting us the balance? Coincidence, just the reason I called! Back to being on hold...

This video had me laughing out loud. My kids totally stall at bedtime. They become chatterboxes right when it's lights out time. Interesting since my questions all day are usually met with a "nothing" and a shrug. But they have so much to share at just the moment they should stop talking! Except for Sawyer, he talks all day long. 

It case you missed it, Madre Beads released her winter collection, all of it is just so adorable.

I'm all about the comfort. Speaking of which, these just became a part of my family. And Greta got a pair of these, her favorite. 

I have to share about a farm we recently purchased meat from. I follow them on Instagram, @maryheff, and they're a family who bought a farm, moved their four children with them and raise all their cattle and animals and handle the slaughter and butchering and shipping off to customers. It's been so refreshing to see where the meat comes from firsthand, know what they are eating, how their living conditions are, etc. Everything we have had has been delicious. 

I don't remember if I have shared this before, but it was a very interesting and thought provoking piece. 

No secret I'm a Tonight Show fan, and this pregnancy announcement to the grandparents had me rolling. 

Hoping you all have a beautiful and safe weekend. xo