Anniversary Celebrations & Food Trucks

This year has been a year of anniversaries! Big ones! Aaron and I celebrated our 15th in May, my grandparents celebrated 65 in July, we celebrated friends' 20th, and we had a belated 15th celebration (technically 16th) for my sister and brother in law because it was a year in the making. Finally some fun photos to share of the evening. 

The request had been placed for dancing, so that's just what we did. My mom and my sister's good friend helped me put together a fun night of food and dancing in September. We converted our backyard by renting a dance floor, high cocktail tables, and we had a food truck in the front yard where we had salad and gourmet pizzas to order. Dessert was from Nothing Bundt Cakes, again, so delicious. The food truck was such a fantastic and different spin to the night. The food was fabulous and everyone loved it, not to mention I loved not cooking haha.