Our Top 10 Podcasts for Kids and Adults

A few years ago Aaron completely got me hooked on a podcast. Just one. He started by stealthily loading one onto my phone and then he played it during a road trip and showed me how easy it was to 'tap this, and then tap here, and then you listen'. And then I was  h o o k e d. I don't flat iron my hair, fold laundry, or load the dishwasher without my phone nearby with a podcast playing. I have put together a list of our top 10 favorite podcasts, and why I think you should give them a try:

My 'Don't Leave Wi-Fi Without Them' Podcast List:

1. This American Life - Total given, there's a reason it's top of the charts every single week. They take the coolest, most random, sometimes very deep and sometimes light, subjects and spend an hour discussing the neatest stories, interviews and more. Also, I have a major crush on Ira Glass. His voice. Melting.

2. Radiolab - The kids are huge fans of this show and it's our go-to for road trips. Science-y, history-y, space-y, cool experiments and theories. 

3. The Moth - You never know what you're going to get with this one, so beware of bad language once in a while. But it's real life story tellers telling real life events, live in front of an audience. Sometimes I cry, I laugh a lot, but it's just something special to listen to real people telling stories about things they've been through, endured, overcome. 

4. Here's The Thing - I like Alec Baldwin and he does a really good job interviewing people, although he likes to talk about himself quite a bit. But I don't mind because he's smart and witty. He interviews people like Lena Dunham, Sarah Jessica Parker, I just heard a fantastic one with David Blaine. And then he also interviews political figures, directors, writers, athletes, it's pretty interesting and entertaining at the same time. 

5. Serial - If you don't know what Serial is then, well, I am not your friend anymore. Just kidding, kind of. It was the best podcast of 2014 in my opinion. It's a spin off from producers of This American Life, and instead of a different theme each week, it was one story continuously being told week after week. A true story of a teen that was convicted of murder 15 years ago, and it's edge of your seat kind of listening. And I won't give you any spoilers because as soon as you start listening you will understand this isn't something that will be resolved in the span of the podcast. But I can't wait for the next season to see what the new story will be. Aaron and I have very different views on whether he was guilty or not, so please listen and then tell me what you think! I'm very curious what the court trial will turn out like. 

6. Brain On Science - Especially for kids, this takes subjects like 'how do you get a cold?' and breaks it down to kids. Easy to understand, and interesting topics, my kids loved one on G force and roller coasters recently. 

7. Back to Work - This is one of Aaron's all time favorites, I'm not a big fan. It's character driven and the dynamic between these two guys is what keeps Aaron coming back for more. It's what drives me away haha. The rest are all Aaron's top picks. 

8. This Week in Tech - Leo Laporte hosts this one and the sound of it puts me to sleep, but Aaron absolutely loves all the tips and discussions on tech related subjects. 

9. Common Sense with Dan Carlin - If you like listening to current events and the what is happening in the world around you, you'll enjoy this one. 

10. You Are Not So Smart - This one discusses how our mind works and things that you think you know, but in reality, don't at all. It's a good one. 

I apologize in advance if I get you hooked on any podcasts. No, not really. I think it's good to be informed and up to date with things going on in the world, and I also think it's good to distract yourself from the worst chores possible. For instance, my most hated chore? Unloading the dishwasher. Podcasts make it just a tiny bit less torturous.