2015 Family Week 1/52

2015 is here, can't believe it. But instead of whine and cry about how fast these years are going, especially 2014 (!), I'm going to jump right in and share a project I am really excited about for the new year. I absolutely loved the 52 Weeks Project where I took a photo of each kid each week. I am working on putting them into a photo book that I know will be a treasure for me, and for them to have when they are grown. 

But I also wanted to change it up a bit for this year. I decided to think about what I would absolutely love to have more of now as a mother, of my own family growing up, my sister and parents. I wish we had more photos of the four of us. Not just a picture here and there in different years, on vacation say, but different pictures in the same time period. Doing different things. Random things that are so normal, like maybe eating dinner, or watching a movie, or maybe when we are all dressed fancy or maybe when we are in pajamas. 

So that's my new project for 2015, one that I really hope I can convince my family is a good idea! Here's week 1. If you'd like to play along, I would love to see them! I will try to post a photo each weekend during the year of 2015, but sometimes I might need Monday or Tuesday to load them from my camera. 

Also, I would like to comment on something memorable for us each week. For week 1 the kids were on winter break, we enjoyed Disneyland and park time, movies and sleeping in. We definitely enjoyed not packing lunches and doing school drop offs.