Weekend Links

The photo above I took with my iPhone yesterday while I chaperoned a field trip to the Natural History Museum. They have an amazing Iberoamerican exhibit happening right now. I went with Gunnar's history class and then we went for Korean BBQ  in Koreatown, boy do 13 year olds get excited about cooking their own food. It was fun and exhausting and interesting and exhausting, and did I mention exhausting?

Here's some great things I found on the interwebs this week...

I mentioned on my Facebook page, but we started a travel jar for 2015 and it's going fantastic! Although I must admit I end up never having any cash on me because my kids take my cash and put it in the travel jar ha! This post is fantastic and all about a brilliant way to do the savings jar. We started a few weeks ago but just this week we printed out the sheet so we can cross out the amounts. 

My kids are older now so sick days look pretty normal over here, but if you have little ones, this is a beautiful post on keeping sick days simple. 

We use a cast iron skillet every single day in this house. This is great info on seasoning it. 

Have you heard of placenta encapsulation before? Whoa.

I'm all about the goals in 2015. I love these ideas for a clean slate in 2015, especially the first one! Genius. 

Also, I just got this diffuser for the boys room, love love love it. It runs for 3 hours and the colored light option is great. 

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend! xo