Paris Party Photo Booth, Activities & Fun

What to do at a Paris themed kids party?! We wanted to have a fun craft the girls could make and take home, and what better activity than an Eiffel Tower painting for them to display in their rooms? Also, we had an easy pipe cleaner craft, and a Parisian photo booth. Here's the details:

The original inspiration for the painting is found here, but we decided to make it our own. My girlfriend got all the supplies and brainstormed this project, they came out so cute! You will need: canvases (can be purchased at your local craft store, or you can buy them online here), water, paper towels, a few bottles of acrylic paint in varied colors, paint brushes in varied thicknesses and black puffy paint

The girls were given blank canvases and a wheel of different colors, and we showed them samples we created the night before. They were encouraged to use different techniques such as dabbing large brushes or painting background stripes. They all came out so unique and different. When the background was no longer white, completely painted with color, they were to choose a contrasting color for the Eiffel Tower part. Begin with a triangle near the top 1/3 of the canvas followed by two trapezoids getting larger as you work down, and finished at the bottom with a trapezoid-like shape that has a semi-circle arch at the bottom(see photo below). They were to place an X in the top triangle, two Xs in each of the rest of the trapezoids. Then they handed over the canvases to us and we applied the black puffy paint. When you apply the black paint be sure to add a little line at the very top of the Eiffel Tower. They all dried while they were eating and having fun in the photo booth. 

Next, some photo booth fun! We used my girlfriend's black and white striped curtain for the back drop and she made paper flowers we attached with glue dots. For props, I found on Etsy the cutest downloadable Parisian items, and printed them on cardstock. I bought dowels from the local hardware store and attached them with hot glue after Aaron cut them to the appropriate length. The baguettes and berets were just too much! Love love love. 

The final activity which was actually the first activity (confusing much?) was a simple pipe cleaner craft. The girls did this as everyone arrived. I picked up silver pipe cleaners and the girls attempted to create the Eiffel Tower using five of them. I'll give you the winning combo: three pipe cleaners twisted together at the top to secure them in place, then one pipe cleaner wrapped around those three legs at equal intervals, and a final pipe cleaner wrapped around those same three legs a few inches further down. Voila. It stands!

You can find more information about the Paris Party favor baskets here, and the food/table decor here