Friday Links


It’s going to be a bit quiet (I know, it’s been quiet already), but this weekend we are going off the grid for some family camping time. And friend camping time too. Oh I’m so excited my bestie is back for camping! It wasn’t the same without her. Isn’t that cute little print adorable? Love what it says.

So while we’re roasting s’mores and avoiding stinging nettle (true story, happened last year to Greta and I), here’s some fun stuff on the web I found entertaining. 

I’ve been secretly wishing I could take some simple cooking lessons lately. I think it was that film, 100 Foot Journey, so good. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. I think this simple, yummy recipe even I could handle. 

I absolutely loved the conversations that are happening in the comment section of my cell phone piece. Such good dialogue and things to think about. 

This video made me smile. 

Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? I’m a huge fan, and Adam Levine? Big time crush. Put those two together and have them sing? Oh dear, loved it. Take a look. And just because I watch this like once a month, here, watch this, you will thank me. Emma Stone, there’s no one who does it better. 

Find anything good on the web this week?