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Week 39 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: In this week’s episode of photos, we have a theme. The theme which is pretty much my life every single day 4pm-9pm, even on Saturdays and some Sundays. Gunnar’s school is pretty good about homework but he had a huge project due in history. 

*sawyer: Sawyer also has a huge project due in Language Arts that he’s been working on for several weeks. It’s never ending! I feel like I need to celebrate with cocktails at the end of each day.

*greta: Yep, her too. Big Language Arts project and the kicker is she has a partner for this assignment so now I get to wrangle TWO third graders to finish their work! Since I’m not the work full time mama, I get them some afternoons and we are knee deep in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh some days I imagine how nice it would be to put the project on another parent’s shoulders, but then I think about not seeing them each day at the dismissal bell and I realize I would take all the projects and partners to not miss those faces.