Disneyland & Our Family Secret to Pin Trading

Pin Trading. Family Secrets. This is juicy stuff. Thursday the kids had off school for Rosh Hashanah. Oh do I love the days off that Los Angeles school district gives us. I know they aren't giving me those days off. But I still get to enjoy them. A random Thursday of no school, I'll take it!

For weeks we have been planning on going to Disneyland with my mom. We analyzed our ride strategy, we arranged and rearranged our trading pins. We stocked up on trading pins.

Ok, I'll let you in on a little secret about trading pins at Disneyland. We didn't know the ins and outs of trading pins when we began last year. In fact we would buy a pack at one of the stores at Disneyland and then trade those puppies. Not cheap! I did a little researching and ended up discovering lots(as in not a quantity, but a group of, that kind of 'lot') of trading pins on eBay. You can get 50 pins for $20. I ordered a lot(singular) a few weeks ago and then we got to taking turns picking one pin at a time. Some we loved, and others went straight to our trade pile. Now we were armed with pins purely for trading! 

Now when we go to Disneyland we have pins that we trade for ones we like. The dilemma? By the end of the day, you have traded all your trading pins for pins you love! So now what do you do for the next Disney trip? Another lot my friend! $20 is well worth the delight to watch your three kids trade with cast members in between waiting in line for rides. Our family rule now is each time we go to Disneyland each kid can pick out one new pin to buy. Of course it's not for trading, but to add to their collection. That way we don't have a ridiculous souvenir spending event like we have encountered in the past. One pin per trip, and stocking up on trading pins to trade before you go, that's our whole deal! Our family secret! And now it's yours my friend.

You'll have to do research on what to collect. It's completely a personal choice. And it's adorable to go through my kids collections and see which ones they gravitate toward. Gunnar is into a particular set of hidden Mickey cast costumes, anything Muppet, and most pirate or sports themes. Sawyer and Greta both have a love for Club Penguin pins, Greta loves these little Mickey hats pins in all different themes, and Sawyer likes to have a big variety at all times. So when we are looking at pins with cast members we are always looking out for one another. Like, Sawyer needs that one! Or Gunnar would love that! And it's all sorts of adorableness, I assure you. What do I like? That's a secret, you'll have to come to Disneyland with me one day to find out. 

Back to our day off now that I've spilled the beans on our Disneyland planning strategies. Thursday we were in the park for about 5.5 hours and we managed to ride our favorite rides, check out the Captain America exhibit, and trade to our hearts content! Not to mention eat lunch and of course enjoy some Dole Whip.

In line for Pirates of the Caribbean there was a real tough dude behind us. Tank top with muscly arms and tats all over. This is the part I love, the pin collecting thing affects everyone! This dude had a lanyard on, filled with the coolest Mickey pins I've ever seen. Gunnar was admiring it and bashfully asked him if he would like to trade for anything of his. Nicest guy, he told Gunnar you can trade for anything you want, just take your pick, and you give me whatever pin you want. Gunnar was equally kind and made sure to give him his coolest pin, and not choose one of the guy's nicer looking pins. It was super awesome. Pins! It's bonding!

I highly recommend the Innovations Exhibit that is going on right now. We've seen the Iron Man one before, but it's always worth another visit. This time we also did Captain America. Ummm, totally cool. Loved it. I'm a nerd. Move on. 

And to close out this Disney post, how happy is this bunch? Ah, love these smiles. Also, all photos from this post were taken with my new iPhone. Loving it. This last one was in almost complete darkness!