Health & Beauty : Teas and Tweens

Haha, you like that? Teas and tweens? This week we’re talking teas and your health on Hello Natural. How amazing is that graphic? You should go pin it because it’s great to have as a reference guide. I’m planning on printing one and keeping it in a drawer in the kitchen for easy consulting. 

Also, we are talking more about health, specifically tween health and beauty on Classic Play today. Have you ever thought about making your own deodorant? I know, kinda crunchy. But in all honesty I have to say, it’s pretty great. I stopped using antiperspirant about a year or two ago. Trust me, I still sweat, but it hardly ever becomes an issue. After a hard workout I just change my t-shirt or run home to shower. The homemade deodorants actually work. My girlfriend made me a jar and I absolutely love it. I share a few DIY tutorials in the article if you’ve ever thought about making your own. I haven’t used store bought since early summer. Before that I was using this brand which is healthy and free of aluminum. Once I run out I think I’m going to find out how my girlfriend made hers and just make another batch, and you can use whatever essential oil you choose to make it smell yummy. 

Also, Better Homes and Gardens featured my little pine cone garland from last year. 

That’s all the sharing I have today, hope your Tuesday and FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN is a good one!