Hair Probs

This week I have a few natural beauty posts going up on Hello Natural. The first one went live today and I share not ONE but TWO recipes for healthy hair. One is a mask seen pictured above and the other is a DIY anti-frizz spray.

Talk about hair probs! I'm in desperate need of a hair cut. In fact, I just texted my hair dresser, HELP! NEED TRIM! I only cut my hair like twice a year, and it's grown like mad over the last year. Last summer my hair was above my shoulders and right now it's 7 inches below them, and I've had a trim or two in there. I'm not complaining, but I am complaining, because it's as hot in Los Angeles as the surface of the sun. Almost. It was like 100 degrees yesterday, and today it's supposed to cool down to a glorious 95. 95 isn't glorious weather man! Back to regularly scheduled programming, check out the hair help on Hello Natural!