Week 37 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: He has been all about his running elective this semester. Runs for fun. Who does that?! Lol. Not me. 

*sawyer: This kid has been putting in so much time and effort for school lately, he makes me so proud. It’s a challenging year for him for sure, but he has risen to this challenge so wonderfully. Which is good because I can no longer help him with math homework. Thank goodness he has an older brother. 

*greta: My sweet girl. I don’t know what it is of late, but she has just all of a sudden become so mature, and old, and wise. She’s not so little any more. I’m mourning.

You may have noticed a book theme with this week’s 52 Weeks Project. I’ve got more details to come one day this week on what we’ve been reading.