Facial Scrub & Cellulite ? Say what?

Does that title confuse you? There was no decent way to segue between the two subjects so when that happens you just mash em together and there you go! You mean you don't do that?!

Today is Saturday which means I'm sharing a skincare recipe on Hello Natural, today I talk all about exfoliants. Why exfoliate, what to use to exfoliate, when to exfoliate, and the different types of exfoliants to use. A whole lot of slough talk is happening over there

And last week I was lame and didn't share an extra article I wrote on avoiding and getting rid of cellulite. I have it. Most every woman I know has it. I hate it. I think every woman I know who has it hates it as well. So here's my 9 tips for helping remedy the whole situation.

There you have my PSA on skin and body talk! Happy weekending everyone!