Camping 2014 & How to Make a Swedish Torch

Nature was good to us this weekend. We had a successful camping weekend with our largest group yet! 27 people. And we were officially outnumbered by children this year. The kids had a blast, they really do love camping. Every kid this weekend enjoyed themselves. It was my nephew’s first time camping and by the end he was a total convert. “Better than Disneyland” even. 

Aaron was excited to bring up his “swedish torch”. It’s a log that you use a chainsaw to slice down the log like you’re cutting a pie, but not all the way through. You light it on the inside and it burns for hours and hours. 

As you can see we used it for preparing lots of food. And it cooked everything so evenly as well. 

Due to the drought the water levels were really low. The pond where people normally fish was gross. Really sludgy and sad. But the creek we usually hike to had beautiful, cool, fresh water in it. Perfect after the hike to wash your face and dunk your hat in. 

The kids had a blast making bows and arrows with sticks, yarn and those elastic bands you use for bracelets. They had so much fun playing this game they created called “outlaws & inlaws”. Hilarious. And bonus, no one was injured. A few bee stings were the worst of the weekends mishaps.

Greta and Sawyer hiked about 4 miles with Aaron and I Saturday morning. Gunnar had a cold and wasn’t feeling the hike beyond the initial 2 miles. So we sent him back with the group. It was possibly one of the hardest hikes back to camp I’ve ever done. The final mile was literally straight up the mountain. But this girl sets our pace and even then I can’t keep up with her, I had to stop several times and hear “come on, let’s go!"

And there you have a little recap of our camping weekend. Oh forgot about the food! We served breakfast one morning and our menu was simple this year. I was all about getting the food ready and served within a reasonable time frame. Aaron has a tendency to make a lot of choices, but it takes a really long time to prepare. This time we served french press, 4 types of pancakes (regular, regular with chocolate chips, gluten free plain, and gluten free with chocolate chips), sliced watermelon, sausage, and a few egg orders at the end.