Manchester United v. Galaxy Date

A few weeks ago Aaron and Gunnar had a one on one date, and I think this was probably the best date idea for Gunnar since we started dating our kids a few years ago. World Cup took over our house this summer and Gunnar’s affection for soccer went from normal to insane! He followed all the games, had brackets set up with his friends, read articles, followed players, it was bonkers in this house.

Well, once I found out there was a Manchester United game in Los Angeles against the Galaxy I knew one of us had to take Gunnar to it. Since it was Aaron’s turn he won out this time. Gunnar was so pumped all week long and on a Wednesday evening, they took off for the Rose Bowl. Aaron had surprised him earlier in the day with a ManU t-shirt and socks, so you can bet the level of happiness was through the roof this day. They got home late at night and even as Gunnar collapsed on his bed in full clothing, you couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. 

It was a good day.