Tuesday Ramblings

I have no 'real camera' photos to share of our weekend in Disneyland. It felt really good to not have to lug it around, and just "be" with my kids. I did snap a few iPhone photos and shared some on Instagram, and you saw a few below in the 52 weeks project, but other than that my only purpose was to have fun. We had such a great time, exhausting most definitely, but just what we needed. It helped alleviate my mom guilt from working so much the last few weeks. We laughed, we shopped, we traded pins, we ate, we rode the scariest rides we could find, over and over again. 

What else is new in internet land? Or regular life land? Um, my fiddle leaf fig has revived itself. I discovered that it is a huge fan of the light in the mudroom. Yay for not killing the tree! I have so many tomatoes, I'm not sure I can actually eat them all in a reasonable time!

We are prepping for our annual camping trip. Well, not so much prepping as just organizing. We try to get one big item each year to add to our stash. This year we invested in a brand new big sleeping bag for Aaron and I. The boys will get our old ones since they're too big for kid-sized ones. We also got some thick foam pads, sleeping on the ground is hard! And we hate air mattresses, so let's see if this alleviates some back pain. Next year is a nice new camping stove.

I loved this post on tweens working. Gunnar started his own business this summer and earned enough money to buy himself an iPad Mini and a new pair of soccer shoes. He hasn't bit the bullet yet because that's a lot of money to fork over, but I'm so proud of him for reaching his goal. It was hard work, and he discovered the importance of budgeting time and money, but he did it. 

This article I found so amazing, and the photo, so powerful. Bravo Ari!

Have you found anything good on the web lately? Or anything fun to share? I find myself not logging on to read blogs for days at a time recently. I think Instagram has slowly replaced my need for visual stimulation. But even then, some days I'd rather not open the app up. And then I find myself bummed that I would have to scroll back so long to catch up, so I just give up. 

Well, that's a Tuesday rambling if I ever saw one...