Two Day Detox Guide

Wow a whole week has flown by, actually two. And I couldn't be more excited. The bulk of my work at the kids' school for PTA is done the first two weeks once school begins. It was rough, and each year I tell myself never again! I'm pretty certain this was it, I need to be certain this was it. Anyways, we are celebrating the fact that my husband gets his wife back, and my kids their mama back, with a weekend at Disneyland. As I rest my feet, and the kids are in the pool to take a break from the heat, I wanted to share this new article with all of you. I worked really hard on it, and I think it's a great non-intimidating way to explore a detox that's right for you. Check it out on Hello Natural if you fancy.

Can't wait to be back in this space more soon!