Week 33 in the 52 Weeks Project - ok, I'm totally going to cheat and use some photos from our summer vacation in Hawaii because I did not pick up my camera once last week! Not even my iPhone! But at least I'm not skipping right? Right?

*gunnar: Although the photo doesn't match, he enjoyed his last few days of summer break. Now it's early wake ups and uniforms again!

*sawyer: This guy is rocking fifth grade, even on Day 1 of school he had homework and knocked it out like a boss. I stopped being able to help with his math homework last year, but this year? Oh dear. His teacher is pretty amazing at math, I learned this when Gunnar had her. She kicks serious butt in that department. So glad he has her in his life. :)

*greta: She is loving third grade and all the new responsibility that comes with it. She changes classes, she has TWO, not ONE, but TWO folders now, and she's got a pretty cute nickname in class, "Greta the great". Ah, the little things. :)