This week has been so crazy that I am pretty dang thrilled that today is Friday. The little ones started school this week. When will I stop calling my 5th grader a “little one”?! Ugh, none of them are that little anymore in reality. Having just one home might be more work than all 3, because I think he has expectations of all the amazing adventures we would go on. That didn’t really happen. My idea of adventure is showering without interruption, maybe even working out once in 9 weeks, and hey let’s go do something really exciting and grab lunch before we pick up your siblings, oh and how about school supply shopping for the 7th grade list?! Yeah, not so thrilled. 

We did sneak away to a movie during the day and then I paid for it by coming home and having to spend 3 hours on the computer getting stuff written, not to mention my house is a disaster. It always amazes me each year how much busier the school year is than summer. 

First day of school photos! Yay for posting the same week that I took these! I have so many back posts and photos to share that I kind of feel it’s lame to share them now. Oh well. 

What else is going on? This weekend we have one congregation picnic to attend, and two school picnics, that’s three picnics in two days. Gonna be busy. Also I would love to see my husband sometime. This week there hasn’t been a single evening where we’ve been able to catch up face to face. Between his work, my work, his meetings, and kids’ school events, we’re two ships passing in the night. One night, poor guy, I vaguely remember going to bed around 11pm, and then halfway waking up to hearing the alarm being set sometime after 1am, which was at least my sign that he had returned for a few hours during the night. 

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Oh, and here’s our annual backpack back to school shot. Patagonia, man those backpacks are serious stuff. Second year going strong.