Summa Summa Summa Time

Can you believe we only have 3 weeks left of summer? The little ones start school 3 weeks from today, and Gunnar gets an extra week. It’s kind of blowing my mind, and I’m starting to push away the anxiety I get at the end of summer each year. I don’t think I’m quite prepared for school supplies and alarm clocks and homework and uniform shopping.

This space has been a little quieter than I’d like but I’ve been trying to spend quality time with the kids. Just because we’re all together and in the same house all day doesn’t necessarily make our time together quality, if that makes any sense. I spent a few weeks struggling with balancing work and play and we’ve been in a good rhythm ever since. 

Last week we had two pool days, a beach day and went bowling. It was a great week of what I imagine summer should be filled with. But every week doesn’t end up quite so fun filled, and I have to come to terms that it’s ok. And it won’t make my kids feel like they had a horrible summer. So stop with the guilt Deborah!

It's also been a little quieter in these parts because I’ve been working on writing elsewhere. It feels really good, and I like it. I like having deadlines and an editor. Not to mention it makes me feel less guilty when I splurge on a handbag :) 

The kids also started their session at the local pool yesterday afternoon. I look back at pictures of every single summer, since Greta was a baby, that we spent at the same pool. Watching my kids move through all the different levels. When they were little it was so much work to get them out of the car, and into swim trunks, apply sunscreen on everyone, make sure everyone has their pair of goggles. Then I had the task of making sure each kids knew I was watching them, at the exact same time, at different spots of the pool! I would spend the time walking to every class until they knew I indeed saw their dive or saw how fast they could turn under water. Now everyone takes their own towel and goggles. I get to sit in one spot and watch all three of them at the same spot, in their own lane, doing laps. I get to watch Gunnar speed through the drills and strokes, fastest one there is, and realize that is probably his last summer here. I get to watch Greta, smallest one in the group, keep up with the big kids as she does her back stroke, and lap after lap, never give up although I know her little legs are tired. I get to watch Sawyer smile in between laps because he knows I see it all, I see how deliberate he is and how hard he concentrates on his side breathing. I see how they all started out on the stairs blowing bubbles and dipping their face in, and now they’re all together, cheering each other on as they perfect their butterfly and breaststroke. 

I love this part of summer. I love the goggles and sunscreen, the chlorine in their hair. I love the sandy car and the boogie boards on my porch. I love the later nights and the quiet mornings. I guess I’m just going to have to savor these last weeks until next year.