Ten Things...

It's been quite awhile, possibly years(!) since I've done a 10 Things About Me post. I think it'd be fun, and if you want to play along, link to a blog post in the comments. Or maybe just share ONE thing about yourself in the comments. 

Here goes...

1. I don't like cardigans or sweaters that don't close in the front with buttons or a zipper.

2. My least favorite chore is unloading the dishwasher. I hate it even more than loading the dishwasher!

3. I have a constant back and forth with myself over cutting bangs again, and then knowing as soon as I cut them I would grow them out again. 

4. My favorite late night snack is sliced avocado on toast with salt sprinkled on top. 

5. If I had to pick one non-alcoholic drink of choice it would be Pellegrino. 

6. And my alcoholic drink of choice would be a moscow mule, followed by an ice cold beer as a close second favorite. 

7. My least favorite meal is breakfast. 

8. I have never driven  a motorcycle, nor been a passenger on one. 

9. Photographs make me truly, truly happy. Having just one amazing photo every so often of my children or a place we visited, is enough to make me smile for days. 

10. I have had pierced ears since I was a baby, but was never allowed to get a second hole. House rules. So what do you think I got on my honeymoon? Yep, a second piercing.