8 years


Eight years ago today you entered this world, changing this family forever. Having a sister has been the best thing to happen to your brothers. They get the best of both worlds, a chance to exercise a more tender and sensitive side, and yet an opportunity to see how brave and strong a female is. This year you've had too many opportunities to prove your bravery. But you've come out each and every time more beautiful on the inside. And outside. 

Your little scar is the most beautiful reminder of the strength you have, and the obstacles you overcame. Seeing it each day also reminds me not to take a single moment for granted. That each and every day is a gift. And good health is a privilege. 

You rocked second grade this year. Your teacher fell in love with you just like they all do. I don't know how you do it, but each and every year I am told what a gift you are in the classroom. You are such a hard working, conscientious student. This year vocabulary quizzes were introduced and at the end of each quiz the teacher goes over all the words. Everyone grades their own paper and at the end the teacher asks how many words students missed. She told me each and every week your little hand would be the only one who would go up when you missed a word. Most kids caught on that they could just change the spelling of the word as they corrected it, but not you. My sweet, honest girl. 

You had to do a report on a biography, a historical person. You chose Sacagawea and oh my goodness were you the cutest Native American I ever did see. You were so proud making your quiver for your arrows, Sawyer helping you sew it all together. This year you thrived despite all the hurdles you encountered. And there's nothing that makes me more proud than the strength you have.

You make friends so easily. No matter where we are, a park, on vacation, at summer camp, you have friends within the hour to swim with, play with or eat lunch with. It amazes me each and every time how friendly you are with other little kids. It's a gift that I know will help you through life.

My sweet Grets, you make us smile each day with your sense of humor, your sarcasm and how you reason on things. You bring light to our family, light to my life. I cannot ever imagine a world without you as a daughter. You like to tell me the names you will name your own daughters one day. We talk about the future together. And then you also like to remind me that you would like to legally change your name. Usually once a month I get the lecture on "Greta" not being the name that suits you best. :) I respectfully disagree. No name suits you better or more beautifully. 


Eight years have passed in the blink of an eye. As much as I look forward to the years ahead, I also long for the toddler Greta days, and the wonderful baby Greta days. When you first learned how to talk and learned your name you used to recite your first, middle and last name all together. But not without "baby" first. You were "Baby Greta" first and foremost to anyone who asked. We all thought you sincerely thought your first name was Baby because that's how we referred to you, Baby Greta. And I think you will remain Baby Greta to me, forever and always. 

Welcome to 8 my love.