Cutest Sacagawea There Ever Was

I need to blog about this costume before the photos end up in the labyrinth photo sucking tunnel of my computer. Sacagawea. I die. Greta’s last second grade project was to read about a historical figure, write a report on their life and then give a presentation dressed as that person. It didn’t take Greta long to decide on Sacagawea. Well, it was a very close tie between Cleopatra and Sacagawea. Fortunately Sacagawea won because we had a ton more things to use as props than had she gone with Cleopatra. Phew. 

It’s kind of crazy for this little getup, we only purchased one item. We had these arrows already, and Greta decided she needed a quiver to go with them. She and Sawyer got to work sewing one out of felt and embroidery thread. Cutest quiver ever. 

The beaded sash is actually one of my belts. We owned the necklace, the moccasins and the brown leggings. I bought the taupe tunic but I’m sure it could easily have been sewn or created from an oversized t-shirt. She preferred her hair down, I was a fan of it braided. :)

I would’ve given anything to have been a fly on the wall during her presentation. But I won’t do it, I won’t be the mom who’s there with her video camera in the middle of the day, making her kid a spectacle amongst the class. NopeI also think that it’s important that Greta know her school time is for her, it’s the time she has to be a student, with her friends, responsible for herself. She didn’t go to school dressed in costume, but I sent everything with her in a bag. That night, I asked how it went and she told me her good friend helped her get dressed in the bathroom and for the presentation, there were LOTS of questions. Apparently when the kids ask LOTS of questions that means it was a really good presentation. Oh, second grade, we will miss you!!