home sweet home

If you've followed along on Instagram (@mylifeatplaytime) then you know that I'm all sorts of sad and depressed that our tropical vacation has come to a close. 10 days of beautiful food, stunning surroundings, perfect weather, and three kids who would wake up each and every morning excited to start a new day in paradise. I can't wait to share some of our adventures we had with the kids. They're at a great age where we can explore and discover new things for all of us. Like that picture above, ah-mazing.

In all my preparation to have fun posts on the blog last week, I forgot about this week. Oops. I've been busy unpacking and doing laundry and adjusting to pacific standard time (which means trying to wake up before 10am). And today I was on the phone for 2 solid hours, making appointments at 6 different doctors' offices. Six! I've been holding off for months getting so many things done for the kids, and it's time we tackle it. So welcome home kids, it's two weeks straight of dentists, checkups, dermatologists, podiatrists, oh yeah, it's gonna be fun! Just kidding, they're gonna hate me. But I've tried to spread it out between all three of them through the weeks so that they can enjoy seeing each other be in pain some days. I'm nice like that. ;) 

I will have some fun things to share with you later this week and next, in the meantime, check out these coconuts. :) Jet lag has officially gotten the best of me right?