Gift Guide - how we celebrated 14 years

Each year I try to share what Aaron and I exchanged for our anniversary. I like documenting it, and then I think it may help other people with some fun ideas for their own celebration. For instance, this idea has been repinned a ton on Pinterest, and it’s one of my proudest years in the gift department. We enjoyed those dates all 12 months long. But it took a lot of planning. 

This year, we have no planned weekend away, we don’t even have a dinner on the books yet, but we’re working on that. Between all the time Aaron has had to take off work for Greta’s medical procedures(which is all pay lost), and the medical deductibles we hit by April, our youngest due for orthodontic work this year (yikes! all 3!), we had to keep this year simple. Simple is hard for Aaron to stick to. He likes to go overboard every year and every year I beg him to please reign in it, this year he did pretty good at sticking within budget. He still went overboard but I’m proud of him for holding back a little. 

I really want Aaron to use and love what I get him. I’m all for “you shop here a lot, then that’s where I need to get your gift from”. So I hit up a favorite spot of his, Teavana, and picked up a gift card. I also got him a gift card for The Art of Shaving. I bought him this last year and I knew he was thrilled with the straight razor shave he was treated to, he talked about it for weeks after. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with it again. Next, I scoured his Pinterest board and found he had pinned this really cool Cord Taco set. I know, you’re asking what’s a cord taco? Check it out, they’re awesome, and since Aaron can always use a little help in the organizing department, I thought these would be great.

Ladies, if you don’t have a Pinterest account, set one up!! Seriously, I hint through my boards ALL the time. And thankfully, Aaron pays attention to what I pin over and over again. Also, you can just email your husband/spouse a pin directly and it will point them to where it is sold. Easy peasy. Lastly, I got Aaron a pair of new Ray Bans because he lost his last year, and he’s been stealing mine. I stuck with the classic Aviator, but chose their new semi-rimless pair for a change. Piperlime is great about having store wide 20% off deals, so I snagged them during one of those specials, which kept me in budget too.

My turn. I had pinned variations of this photo several times the last few weeks/months. With all the same thing in common, the shoes. What I didn’t know was that they are really hard to find in stock, but he did his homework and found a store which ordered a pair, and they arrived on the day of our anniversary, except mine have a neutral sole. 

He also got me this beautiful leather and felt laptop sleeve. When we got our laptop last year he bought just a regular black cover for it, not too exciting, but very functional. I think he knew I’ve been meaning to replace it, and he beat me to it. The night of our anniversary he was scheduled to work, well according to my calendar he was scheduled. When he’s on call I make sure I don’t schedule work of my own for the same night so one of us is always home. Unbeknownst to me he changed his work schedule and sent me to his gym for an exercise class followed by an amazing massage at their spa. I think that was the biggest splurge and the most thoughtful. A whole night just to myself doing what I love, working out and a relaxing spa treatment. I’m not a member of his fancy schmancy gym so it was extra special. And I can’t leave out the top photo where he also treated me to Bouchon’s macarons and a dozen roses. That guy sure has a big heart and I’m so thankful to take up a part of it. 

I loved all the conversation on the My Life at Playtime FB page about how you all celebrate anniversaries. Such great ideas, like taking turns celebrating a weekend away with the kids one year and then the next a weekend away just for the parents, or romantic dinners with champagne, I loved hearing it all. 

If you have a special tradition to celebrate your anniversary, I’d love to hear it in the comments.