Summer Plans - Camping, Lemonade Stands, and More

With summer around the corner, I know families are planning vacations and adventures all over. I went back in the archives a little bit and tracked down some fun posts about summertime.

If you are campers, but especially if you aren’t a camper, you may want to check out my Camping 101 Guide for newbies, and here’s my original Camping 101. I didn’t grow up camping, so it’s something I’ve had to let ‘grow on me’. :) But now I’m a fan and we do it yearly with the kids. And in addition to my guides of tips and tricks for new campers, if you want to still eat delicious food while camping, you can! It doesn’t have to be all about canned beans and hotdogs. This list of menu ideas while camping is great too. 

Lemonade stands! Are your kids all about the lemonade stands like my kids are? They would have one every weekend if I let them, but we try to reserve it for a fun summer activity. I was looking back and can’t believe how little my kids look, and also how awesome their lemonade stand was. Wow, I’m slacking in my old age! And going even further back in the archives, look at them in 2010!

And if you are interested in a family friendly destination, don’t forget about the Family Vacation Guide I put together.

So tell me, do you have any fun plans for summer? We have one big vacation planned, swim lesson signups are done, one week of camp for the kids has also been registered, and a whole lot of beach and pool days are on the agenda. And somewhere in between it all I will fit in work, uniform shopping, school supply lists and some days of movie watching in our pajamas.