Summer Fun Party Gifts for Second Graders

It’s that time of year again in this house, but it does NOT feel like summer vacation is only days away. We have less than two weeks left, and it feels like the kids are in the midst of some big projects. I don’t know if the year got away from me, the teachers, or both, but I feel like the kids are in serious school mode still. I secretly like it though. I like that they are having field trips and reports due. I think it will make that first morning of summer vacation that much more exciting. 

Greta’s class celebration is coming up and I am in charge of some activities and goody bags for the kids.

I really wanted it to be items that the kids would actually use this summer, and not get thrown out with all the little junk they sometimes get. Here’s what each second grader will be receiving. 

inflatable beach ball

sand pail and shovel



mini frisbee

bouncy ball

Simple. Fun. Just how I like it. I found everything at my local party supply store.