Dinner Time Conversations

I don’t think I’m biased when I say I have funny children. They seriously bring me to tears sometimes with what they say. Laugh tears not sad tears. The other night at dinner they had me rolling. And in an effort to preserve this conversation, and also to give you more insight to the funny things my kids say (fyi, that was also a common request I discovered from your surveys), here it is. 

Gunnar sits next to Aaron at the dinner table, and this particular night it was one of THE HOTTEST days of my entire life living in Los Angeles. We broke 100 degrees, and it is the middle of MAY! Needless to say, Aaron was wearing a tank top. Gunnar kept looking over at Aaron, and again. And again. 

Gunnar: You have a lot of armpit hair. 

Aaron: Well, yeah, all guys do. 

Gunnar: I mean a lot. Like do you have to shampoo it?

(this is where I started to laugh, and had a hard time stopping the rest of dinner)

Aaron: No. 

Gunnar: I’m never going to let myself have that much hair. 

Me: It’s not really something you can control. You get armpit hair when you go through puberty. It’s part of being a man.

Gunnar: I don’t like it. And you know what else I don’t like? When boys start to get hair on their face and then they don’t shave it. They have all these random hairs all over and they just leave them there. 

Me: That drives me nuts too. Don’t worry, I’ll make you shave it. 

Greta: Gunnar is not going to get armpit hair. 

Me: Yeah, eventually he will. 

Greta: No he won’t. 

Sawyer: Yes, Greta, he will get it when he gets a beard. 

Greta: So Gunnar is going to be a hobo?