Backyard Garden - We Have Liftoff!

Our little backyard garden has liftoff! I’ve been a little worried with our temperatures last week hitting 100 several days in a row. So unusual for Los Angeles ever, let alone in May! But we kept these guys hydrated and I think they enjoyed the sunshine quite a bit. Here’s what our garden is growing at the moment:

blueberries- we have two bushes and they’ve really started to produce this year

tomatoes- I think clearing out the boxes a few months ago from all the ficus roots has made such a difference in their growth

snap peas- they are thriving and every day the kids head out to pick a few to snack on

beets- these are new for us this year, but so far they seem to be doing well

bell peppers- they haven’t flowered yet, but I’m hoping they do as well as they did last year

jalapeño peppers- these guys have just started to grow and they are the teeniest, tiniest peppers, can’t wait for them to be full grown

herbs- this year, the basil is doing fantastic as is the thyme