Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, I know it snuck up on me too! I dug up some past DIYs that would be great gifts for any teachers in your child's life. I'm still undecided on what we will do this year, but hopefully this will spark some ideas for you.

The photo at the top is a yummy lavender salt scrub for the body. 

These homemade lavender bath salts with a sweet note hoping they can enjoy a warm, relaxing bath after spending countless hours with their students would be so appreciated.

This coconut vanilla body butter recipe is a snap to prepare and you could easily gift several teachers from one batch.

All teachers I know love their coffee! This tumbler with a Starbucks gift card is sure to be a hit.

Fresh flowers are also always well received, make it special by adding a little something, like this twine wrapped vase.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and show some love to teachers in your life next week. I think it’s one of the hardest occupations, yet so rewarding and satisfying. My hat is off to teachers all over the globe each and every day.