fourteen(14!) years

Fourteen years of marriage has definitely gone by much quicker than I could've ever imagined. 14! That's like a teenager! We have an almost grown marriage! In those 14 years we have hit some very low lows and have soared to some very high highs. Had someone told me 14 years ago that a successful marriage would take so much dedication, work and effort, I probably wouldn't have believed them. I think when we first got married we thought love was all we needed. How naive of us. Love is just the tip of the iceberg. Love is what propels everything else. Without love, why would you be faithful, honest, kind, sincere, generous, forgiving, patient? 

In the past 14 years I have had the privilege of growing alongside you. Maturing, changing, evolving. It has been a growth we experienced together, and we have grown closer and more appreciative of the people we are now, instead of longing for the people that we were 14 years ago. Those people are gone. You and I are what is now. Right now. The man you have become is the person I want to continue to grow with, alongside, and watch. 

Years ago I would watch the clock, the minutes ticking by until I could hear your truck pull up. Waiting to hear the lock turn as the door was opened. My rescuer had arrived! I was so thankful that my partner was home, my partner I needed so desperately to come in and pick up a baby, give me a hand and smile through the stressful hours of the pre-bedtime ritual. Someone to help me through the chaos. Someone who rolled up their sleeves and lowered their head beside me to get through another hectic day. A day of no sleep, toddler tantrums and piles of laundry. But we made it through those years. I remember in the thick of it just thinking "wow, I don't understand how couples have the energy to argue". We were so tired we never even fought. 

Now, I hear your truck and smile, not because I need you to come and rescue me from my harrowing late afternoon pre-bedtime hours. I smile because you're home. Plain and simple. My favorite place for you to be. Not because I need you to be home, but because I want you to be.

We have journeyed through so many phases of parenthood and life in the last 14 years, and I can only imagine that the next 14 will bring many many more. We will shed tears, we will ask ourselves a million questions, we will doubt our decisions, question our choices, pull our hair (well me anyway lol) out of frustration, wonder if we are giving our children all they deserve, and we will journey on. Journey on together. Because we are partners in this. 

Happy Anniversary babe. This little family of ours is pretty spectacular and a day doesn't go by where I am not grateful for you and them.