An Afternoon Date at LACMA - Museum Trips with Kids

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Sawyer and I went on a date Saturday afternoon, and it was his pick on where we would go. I was so thrilled when he told me had the perfect place for our date, he wanted to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was a lovely afternoon, and I was elated to see so many families there.  

I put together a few tips for taking kids to museums, it can be a daunting outing if you don’t do a little preparation before hand. 

1. Do your research ahead of time. I checked out the LACMA website a few days ahead of time and took note of their hours, parking, exhibits. I also did a little combing through their site and discovered that if you signed up for their kids program, an adult guest is free for each child. So we signed up for that and printed out the needed paperwork. A lot of museums have similar programs, so check these out before you go. Our visit to the museum ended up being completely free (other than parking). 

2. Children’s Gallery. A lot of museums have a children’s gallery or exhibit/room where they have hands on crafts and projects for kids. LACMA has Boone’s Childrens Gallery where anyone is welcome to come and paint, for free. It was such a great experience, and a welcome break for out tired feet. We talked about our favorite artists and we were inspired to paint what we saw. 

3. Explore a few artists before you go.  It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with a few artists whose work is displayed at the museum. We were so thrilled when we found work of Kandinsky, Monet, Picasso, so many artists that we’ve learned about through our Classic Play art lessons.

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4. Wear sensible shoes and pack a few snacks and water. All that walking can be a little tiring so be sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and pack a few snacks and drinks. There’s usually a nice outdoor spot to rest and eat. It’s also a good time to plot out where you will go next. 

5. Grab a map. When you get there grab a map and go over all the different building, exhibits and sections. Sawyer had the best time using his museum map and he guided us through all the exhibits and floors. Since it was his date I let him take me wherever he wanted. Even if it did mean we walked back and forth several times through different buildings, over and over again. :)

6. Bring a camera. Kids love to take photos, so be sure they have their own camera, phone, or  iPod to document the pieces that they want to remember later. 

7. on’t forget a sketchbook and a pencil. For kids who love to draw, a museum is an inspiring place to go. Grab a notebook and some pencils and take some time at a few of their favorite pieces of work. 

It really is special to get one on one time with each of your kids. I learn so much from them when we have those hours of undivided time together. A museum is a great place to enjoy that. Hope this helps a little on your next museum visit!