Don't you just want to be in that photo, lying in the sun on a paddle board, with the smell of sunscreen streaking your hair, listening to the water lap all around you? Yeah, me too. That's where I'm going to be in my mind this weekend. Friday is here and another busy week has come to a close. What are your plans for the weekend?

We have been daydreaming of summer, talking about vacations and if I told you we only have 6 weeks left of the school year, I wouldn't be lying. 6 weeks?! It's true. I just counted. And then rechecked because I have a hard time believing it myself. 

This weekend I will be co-hosting a party for my kids' elementary school, parents who attended the auction bid on spots to attend a barre exercise class. It'll be fun, I'll be sore. And it's a nice way to feel like I've given back to the school. If I can raise a few hundred dollars by hosting a fun class that I would be taking anyway, then let's do this! 

I also have a fun date with Sawyer planned for Saturday. Gunnar and I went on a date Wednesday night which was extra fun because, um, school night! Rock climbing! Donuts! Feeling a little rebellious going out on a school night makes the date a bit more exciting. Sawyer chose where we are going tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Now I just need to plan a date with Aaron because our anniversary is only days away! This year has gotten away from us with all the doctor appointments and surgeries so I have a feeling we are going to be pretty low key with gift exchanging. I've been slowly acquiring his presents the last few weeks but I'm afraid it isn't going to top this one or last year's. Sorry babe. But maybe we're just saving it up for next year which is FIFTEEN years! 15! That's like half my life. Ok, not really, but I do feel like I'm 30 so 15 technically could be half the life I feel. 

Hoping you all have a relaxing, enjoyable, adventurous, peaceful, exciting (whatever ideal verb for you) weekend!