weekend links


TGIF right?! It's been a tough week, not bad, just tough. The kids schedules have all been off. I've had a full work and volunteer plate, the little ones had half days all week and Gunnar only had school 2 days out of 5. But it's Friday and I've had teacher conferences with 8 teachers this week, and did I mention it's Friday?! 

Here's some interesting stuff I found online this week if you have time this weekend...

Did you hear about this? I had not until a client texted me about it this evening. C r a z y! So glad I dodged that bullet. Literally. 

This site has some really neat DIYs and cool posts if you have some time to spend perusing. In other news, I want that bench.

I'm pretty sure my nephew would spend hours and hours playing with this, maybe I'll get one of my kids to craft it for him. 

Got an itch for spring cleaning? Yeah, me neither. But when I do...

We definitely love a good game night in this house, I'm taking notes.

Thailand anyone?