Family Adventuring

We just returned from a quick family adventure to Mammoth in the Sierra Nevadas. I feel like we've entered a stage in our lives as parents where traveling with kids is less complicated, even enjoyable dare I say. And yet Aaron and I feel such anxiety and an urgency to show our kids the world. Maybe not the world, but at least the country we live in, and a few others possibly? The world is so large and so beautiful, and there's so much beyond our little lives here in Los Angeles. Yet, the anxiety comes from realizing we have only a few short years with them before they are gone. We have this narrow window that we are in right now and we so desperately want to make the most of it. Life gets in the way though. Work, responsibilities, school, bills, life.

Time has taken on a whole new perspective for us. No longer do we long for the days of our children getting older, being more responsible, sleeping through the night(ok, that one we still long for some nights). It's all going so quickly. I think we also feel an urgency to take advantage of the days where we are all healthy and feeling great. With Greta's surgery quickly approaching we don't want to take for granted a single thing. Not a single day where we are young and well. Aaron and I have a mental list of places we would love to show our children. Most places are new for Aaron and I as well. It's special to share something with them and it be all of our 'firsts'.


The world is a gorgeous place that's for sure, and California likes to show off. We went from the beach to red rock canyons to desert to snow topped mountains in just a few hours. Imagine what we could see if we had a few weeks or months...

all photos taken this weekend with my iPhone