Why you should have a rock climbing date with your daughter...

We started dating our kids awhile back and it's one of the most looked forward to events by them. We take turns planning a date with each of our kids, rotating them with myself and Aaron. We realized how much one on one time meant to each of them and ourselves, so we do our best to plan these dates. They've ranged from camping in Joshua Tree to painting pottery.

One Friday night recently we divided up the kids for some fun activities, Gunnar was due for a date with me, Sawyer had a fun school activity to go to, and Greta was scheduled for a date with Aaron. Gunnar and I were heading to dinner and a movie, but Greta’s date remained a surprise. Aaron thought long and hard all week about his date with Greta, he even said things to throw her off like “we are going to bike ride to Trader Joe’s!” or “how about we go to bed early!” She would just roll her eyes and tell him she knew he had something exciting planned, which only put more pressure on him. 

Low and behold a few days before, he came up with a brilliant plan that we all knew she would just flip over. He was going to take her to a local indoor rock climbing place. They pulled up and their evening adventure began.

She was so proud of herself, she would make it to the top, let go, fall back and let the rope catch her as she came down. Then start all over again. Halfway through the night she got  a little pack of chalk to keep on her waist, and that pretty much sealed the deal. Best daddy ever she proclaimed. Best date ever. Dates with your daughter don't always have to include nail polish or a cupcake. Sometimes the best dates are the ones least expected. 

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