Homemade Lavender Bath Salts - Gift or Party Favor Idea

I am so excited to finally blog about these bath salts! A few of my blogging friends and I have kept a little virtual baby shower secret the last few weeks, and the cat's out of the bag today. Lacy and Carla are expecting new additions to their families soon and since we all live far from one another we thought we'd each contribute an idea to the shower and then mail off what we made, bought, used to the expectant mamas. So today is the "virtual shower" and these mamas are deserving of some pampering. They are two of the most creative and supportive women I know.

I decided to make a party favor and at the same time make it something useful to a new mama. I thought long and hard over what I'd most want or need if I was ready to have a new little one join our family. And with a newborn you're bound to have sleepless nights and stressful moments along with all the lovely newborn coos and snuggles. Especially when you add a newborn to the mix with siblings, that kind of doubles your trouble. So I thought there's nothing a new mama could use more (other than a housekeeper and a nap which I can't provide either unfortunately) than a relaxing and soothing bath. I'm hoping after Lacy and Carla tuck their little ones into bed, they can enjoy a long, lingering, delicious bath to relax in.

Bath salts were a  no brainer!

I researched a lot of recipes and most I found had a few ingredients in all of them.

First, epsom salt. Epsom salt isn't actually salt but a mineral compound. The health benefits include reducing inflammation, eases headaches, reduces stress, relieves pain, and reduces muscle cramps. Second, sea salt. Sea salt in baths improves circulation, helps with muscle cramps and pain. I also found some recipes included a type of oil, this could be coconut, jojoba, olive, or any other type of oil. It helps with the mixing of the ingredients and binds the oils to the salts well. Lastly, I wanted it to smell heavenly. So I added an essential oil to the salts. I used lavender because there's just countless benefits of lavender oil, some of which are stress relief, treating insomnia, helping with fatigue and aching muscles. I also added minced lavender leaves because I have lavender growing in my garden and it would add to the fragrance of the salts.

Here are the amounts I used for a batch:

1/2 cup epsom salt

1/4 cup sea salt

1 tablespoon organic olive oil

5-10 drops lavender oil

Minced lavender leaves

To fill these jars, which are rather large, I doubled this recipe for each jar. So I did the above recipe amounts 4 times total for the two jars. 

I mixed the oil and essential oil together and then combined the salts into one bowl, pouring the oils in and then mixing thoroughly with a spoon. 

Next, I minced the lavender leaves and added those in as well. 

I wound some embroidery floss on these cute wooden spoons to complete the gift and voila. Just add warm water, candles, a cup of tea and some soft soothing music and you've got a little escape ready to go!

I hope you enjoy the bath salts Lacy and Carla! We love you both and can't wait to 'meet' your little boy and little girl!


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