a making week

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I feel like some weeks on the blog I have so much to post and other weeks I’m busy working on content and projects, art lessons and just keeping a handle on dirty dishes. It looks like this week is one of those “making” weeks and a different type of work, my spa work has had my priority. But that means I’ve got some fun stuff in the pipe to share with you all soon. I knew March was going to be a blur, but I didn’t grasp just how blurry that really meant. Aaron and I are working on a volunteer hour requirement we signed up for this month, and we are trying to bust it out early in the month so it doesn’t impact a quick family getaway we have planned later this month. 

I love the photo above I found on Flickr, I know we all are busy, running here and there. Aaron and I look at each other at the end of the night and constantly ask for more hours in a day. But you can only do what you can do. Setting priorities helps and this month we definitely have had to make a mental list. Being understanding of each other’s commitments also makes things go much easier. I recognize that some of Aaron’s obligations take him away from us, sometimes it feels like every single night. But instead of being bitter or angry, recognizing that if he had a choice he’d be home with us tucking our kids in. And likewise when I am working at night he is supportive, heating my dinner for me when I’m done or helping with chores while I’m working. 

The ebbs and flows of a family. It’s healthier to ride that wave together than fight against it is what I’ve come to accept.