Family Traditions


update: oh dear. I was messing around with my template and completely deleted this post I wrote yesterday. With NO way to retrieve it! So I'm rewriting it, from memory and heart. So if anything seems different from the first time you read it, it probably is different!!  double update: aaron retrieved it from my rss feed, so it's back to normal. phew. but i still lost the comments :(

Last week I posted this photo on MLaP's Facebook page and asked if anyone had any regular family traditions, weekly, monthly? I loved hearing what everyone had to share.

We've had a weekly family tradition since Aaron and I moved back from New York. Every Monday night (occasionally we switch to Tuesday depending on work commitments) we rotate dinner between my house, my sister's and my mom's. The above iPhone photo was at my mom's last Monday, Greta and I were playing a game of Memory waiting for everyone else to arrive. 

I don't think it was a conscious "let's institute a family tradition" decision, but more like "we all are so busy let's plan a night to regroup as a family". Thus, our Monday night family dinners began. Once kids were added to the mix, they insisted we never miss a week. At Monday school pickup the first thing my kids ask me is "whose house is dinner at tonight?". And if you have to break it to them that we switched it to Tuesday for some reason, they are not happy. Not at all. My table actually just outgrew us. I have to bring in a folding chair now which is so sad and happy at the same time. 

We are loud, we are chaotic, occasionally we are arguing, sometimes crying, children are all over the place, and in between we are talking about nothing and everything. We have serious discussions on Monday nights, we plan things like trips and vacations, we talk about problems and issues, and we also laugh and tease one another and watch stupid Youtube videos that run the gamut. It isn't that Monday nights are easy by any means, sometimes they are, but sometimes it's tough to make it work. We all converge from everywhere, usually Aaron and I are in separate cars, sometimes a kid is doing homework at the table during dinner, sometimes one of us leaves early for a client or a work call. But we still make it a priority, if we didn't do this we easily could go a few weeks without seeing each other. We rotate the houses so you are only cooking and cleaning up once out of 3 Monday nights. The only times we skip are when we've just returned from a vacation all together that weekend, and then we give ourselves a pass for the week.

Do you have any traditions? It seems like we usually have Friday night movie nights, but it's more evolved into that haphazardly. The kids are off screens Monday-Thursday, so by Friday afternoon, they are itching to veg out on electronics, so we find ourselves renting a movie most Friday nights. 

Readers have shared things like Sunday brunching, movie nights, pizza nights, late night cocktails, game nights, I loved the variety of your traditions. I'd love to hear what you all do to stay close as a family. Either your immediate family, or even extended family traditions. Feel free to share in the comments or shoot me an email.