Backyard Potted Citrus Trees

Potted Citrus Tree how to.jpg

One of our garden projects last week that we were trying to desperately finish before the rain storm hit was our citrus trees. We have a Meyer Lemon tree and it’s doing great, but we wanted to add to our potted tree collection. 

There’s an area that we have rotated tomatoes and other vegetables throughout the years, but ultimately we’ve discovered not too much thrives well there. The dirt is very very hard, and unless we rented some kind of machine to help us take all the dirt out and then put all new soil in, it’s kind of pointless to keep trying. So this year we decided to try out a little citrus tree garden in that area. 

Here’s what we planted in that area last year.

backyard garden.jpg

And here’s the empty area last week, with a few bags of stones/gravel on it. We can’t have just bare dirt without major rodent/cat control sound machines around it. We have neighbors on both sides with cats and those cats are not very kind to our gardening beds/areas. They are terrible in fact and my husband has to constantly talk me off the ledge if one of our devices batteries have died and they’ve used our garden as a giant litter box. Needless to say I’m super diligent about checking the functioning of our devices at all times. 

gardening supplies.jpg

We picked up a lime, kumquat and satsuma orange tree. We also picked up 16-17” pots for them. The kumquat is super tiny at the moment but I’ve got big plans for her. After we laid the gravel and did the potting of compost, soil, tree and more soil we placed them in our new little area.

Potted Citrus Trees.jpg
lime tree.jpg

Lastly we added cedar chips on top (not pictured) and the rain began just a few hours after we completed the project. I will keep you posted on our little citrus tree area. Right now they have received lots and lots and lots of rain.