Modern Stained Glass Art Lesson


This art lesson was such a fun and different project to do with the kids! I think the change in our usual materials and medium was a great way to switch things up and keep art exciting. Usually I just do a project with one of the kids and we rotate whose turn it is to assist me in the lesson. This time that was NOT going to happen. Both little ones were home and they were not about to sit this lesson on stained glass out. So we have double the outcome and double the smiles from my kids. Head on over to Classic Play for full instructions on how to make your own stained glass vase. 

Also, you might notice that the blog got a brand new design/logo. You can’t really wipe the smile off my face today. I’m so excited for a fresh and clean look on this site. If you read the blog in a reader you might have to click through to see the new design.