Anniversary Idea- Gift a Photo Shoot

anniversary photo shoot (2).jpg

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last week. I’ve shared the video that we had made for them which was such a huge success! But we didn’t just get them the video, we also wanted to gift them a photo shoot. You see, my mom is obsessed with photos. If you have ever been to her house you know what I mean. Frames on every surface, people can’t even go to the bathroom in my old bedroom without Aaron and I staring back at them from our dating years. I know my parents are not the only ones that are extremely difficult to shop for. I mean we’ve gone the kitchen equipment route, the restaurant dinner one, the iPad tech route, but eventually you run out of ideas right?

Well, it’s been probably 20 years, at least, since they’ve taken professional photos, if you don’t count our family wedding photos(which were almost 14 and 15 years ago!). My sister and I thought this would be the perfect compliment to the video, not to mention we could have present day photos of our parents to frame and place on all the tables for the anniversary party. We hired Josh Elliott, who has kind of become our family photographer/documenter the last year or so, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is such a great guy to work with. I can’t imagine anyone else photographing us. My parents were hilarious, I mean my mom couldn’t stop laughing for the first half hour. 

anniversary photo shoot (3).jpg

I know they will have these to cherish for so many years. And I’m so happy with the results. All results except you’ll see one sweet grandchild missing. Of all days for my sister and brother in law to simultaneously come down with the flu one hour before our photo shoot! Not ideal. But my parents were able to get their photos done, and almost all the grandkids were accounted for. This photo I think is my favorite of them, I used it on the top of their menu for guests at their dinner party. 

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anniversary photo shoot.jpg

I am restraining myself from posting all the amazing photos. Serious self control being exerted here right now. But I have to say if you are stumped on what to get your parents, grandparents, sister, brother, whoever, consider gifting them a photo shoot. It’s something that will last forever and captures who they are in this moment in time. 

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