A Film Celebrating 40 years...

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Can you imagine, 40 years? We spent a beautiful weekend celebrating their lives and love. Family and friends from near and far traveled to spend this special weekend together with the best two people I know in the world. I mean that sincerely, there are no two better individuals that make each day more joyous and meaningful than my mother and father. 

It's hard to get my parents gifts, it gets harder each year. But this year we decided to present them with a family film. A little splice of their life right now, this moment, with the most important people to them, their grandchildren. We hope they can look back on this film for years to come and remember the interactions, the smiles, and the words and feelings of their grandchildren.  

We turned to our friend Candis of Sweet T Studios to bring my vision to life and she did exactly that. I can't recommend her highly enough. And what she captures you will have for a lifetime. So don't wait. Seriously. Capture the laughs and the smiles and the hugs and all of it.