Kleenex Just Got Way Cooler...

Kleenex Designs.jpg

*This is a sponsored post where I have been compensated by Kleenex Brand, however all opinions are my own. Or in this instance, could be my kids too. ;)

I've shared much of our home decor and design here on the blog, the effort I put into each room and how every so often the rooms in our home get a little makeover. I try to keep costs down and do as many projects on my own that are possible. I like what I like, and they usually include color, style and function. I'm a practical girl, so if I can combine those three qualities, I've just doubled, no, tripled my joy. Sheer joy. Color, style and function. What does all this have to do with Kleenex you might say?

Well, I hope you come to expect when you come to this space that I like to share cool things or new products when I discover them. So this is one of those times I am thrilled to share with all of you a newly designed product.

I would not be lying if I told you both myself and my kids squealed when we opened the box of these new Kleenex products last week. Here's a little background, my kids have a love affair with Kleenex. I mean, they fight over who gets to bring the travel pack of tissues to school. They always double check that I've grabbed the Kleenex pack and put it in my purse before we go anywhere. They like that they feel good. So there you have it, function. Now, my delight came when I feasted my eyes on the color! And the style of the new products! Finally I didn't have to choose between the function and the style factor. 

If you haven't noticed I'm a little particular about the decor in our home. I don't put just anything up on a shelf, on our mantle, or even on my nightstand. It has to look good. Well, I'm pretty excited to announce that Kleenex just got some amazing new designs for their 90th anniversary by partnering with Isaac Mizrahi. 90 years! But these are not your grandma's tissue boxes people!

Take a look at how cute this box is on Greta's nightstand.

Kleenex Design.jpg

She has a little nightly ritual of ice water, tissues, and her reading book next to her bed. And this box, we both can agree on. I have no need to hide it when company comes over or put it behind a picture frame, because it's freaking adorable! Want to see the other fantastic designs, which I know you do, check them all out in the Kleenex Style Studio. There's honestly so many to choose from. There are great ones for the boys room, for my living room, my bedroom, my work studio. Ok, you get the picture, go see which styles would match your home's decor.

Kleenex also created these little to-go packs, and thank you thank you thank you Kleenex for making them in designs that my boys want to carry with them to school!


This little revolutionary pack (yes, it's revolutionized our school world) has been a new addition to each of my kids' backpacks for school. It fits perfectly in one of their backpack sections. 


And just for fun because, well, the designs are really fun, look at how cute this purple box (did I mention they don't have to be square anymore!) goes in our living room next to these fresh flowers. 

Kleenex Sweepstakes.jpg

More fun news? Well, they are giving a lucky blog reader a trip to New York, so why in the world can't it be one of my blog readers?! Well, it can! Kleenex is hosting a sweepstakes on the website through March 7th, 2014 called, “Catwalk or Kleenex?”

To enter, visit www.kleenex.com/style and answer a series of questions asking you to identify which design is Kleenex brand and which design is from the catwalk. By taking the short quiz, consumers are automatically entered to win an all-expense paid trip for two to New York City to find his/her Kleenex brand style with a famous designer. The winner will also receive $5,000 spending money for a NYC shopping spree. Entry is open January 13, 2014 through March 7th and limited to once per promotion period.

You guys, one of you can win a trip to New York City for two people! I promise I don't have to be your plus one! And then you get FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a shopping spree. Go. Now. Enter. And then make your husband enter. And then your best friend. And your sister. Your mom. If you win you have to promise me that you will text me photos during your trip!! And bring me back something fun like a I don't know, a signed Kleenex box by Isaac Mizrahi!? A cronut!? Surprise me!!!